Dave’s log: Went for a walk and took some photos

Like the title says, I went for a walk and took some pictures. It was more to test out my new camera but I also wanted to go for a walk, get some fresh air, and go somewhere peaceful for a bit.

Anyway, here are three photos of the river which I think came out really well.

All three photos were taken with me standing in near enough the spot, just facing different directions and tweaking with the zoom.

I love how peaceful and relaxed it all looks.

River 1 River 2 River 3That’s probably a low to medium level for the water in the river to be at. When there is a lot of rain the whole lower bank area is completely underwater and you can’t see the little island in the middle at all.

Hopefully with winter approaching there will be more rain coming and the level of the water rises high enough to cover the lower bank for some comparison photos. I’ll just need some wellies because there will be lots of mud and puddles.

I did trying taking some pictures of a couple of squirrels that I saw but they didn’t really work too well. I couldn’t get close enough to them to take a good picture. I might still post them if people are interested though.

So what do you think of my river photos?


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