Dave’s log: I bought a camera

Yesterday I wrote on here about how I’ve been having some stressful times the past week and a bit.

Well to cheer myself up I decided to buy myself a treat, a nice shiny camera. Yes that’s right I indulged in a bit of retail therapy.  Don’t judge me.

It wasn’t an impulse purchase as such. I’ve been thinking about buying one for a couple of weeks and have been doing my research online. The whole stress thing just tipped it over the edge. OK I guess that does make it a bit of an impulse purchase. Shh.

I forgot how much I enjoy doing a bit of photography. It gives me a nice excuse to go for a walk around the fields and parks where it’s nice and peaceful. Expect lot’s of pictures over the coming weeks.



3 thoughts on “Dave’s log: I bought a camera”

  1. Ahem. At least you bought a camera during intense times…lol. I could’ve done anything in times like such if I had money of my own :3 Still living with parents. Be lucky you aren’t a silly impulsive bastard like me 😀 lol

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