Film Tuesday: Matilda

This week’s Film Tuesday is, Matilda. Matilda is one of my all time favourite films, I use to watch it whenever I was home from school ill in Primary School.

Matilda came out in 1996 and it was directed by Danny DeVito, who also starred in the film as Matilda’s dad, Harry. Matilda was played by Mara Wilson, who was a popular child actress in the 90’s.

Matilda is about a bright young girl who is neglected by her parents growing up and mistreated by them and her older brother, and who happens to have  telekinetic powers.

The film starts with Matilda being born, and in the first part of the film, you see snippets of Matilda growing up neglected by her parents, until she reaches the present day Matilda aged 6 and a half.

At aged four, we see that she likes going to the library, it is here we see how intelligent Matilda is. Matilda at aged 6 and a half has a row with her father, over her desire to go to school, but she is ignored. Matilda’s telekinetic powers are used in raged against her father, where she slams the door in his face and she also blows up the television another time when he forces her to watch it with the rest of her family.

However, eventually Matilda gets her own way, after her father meets the Principle of a local school, Miss Trunchbull, after he sales her a car at his car workshop.

At school Matilda meets her teacher Miss Honey, who is kind and loved by all her students. Miss Trunchbull however is a violent woman, both emotionally and psychically abusing the children. You will see Miss Trunchbull locks the children in a horrible place called “the chokey” and forces one of the boys to eat a whole large chocolate cake.

Matilda’s dad sales faulty cars and he sold one of those to Miss Trunchbull and obviously she doesn’t take it too well and Matilda gets caught up in it.

We learn a lot about Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey in the film. Matilda uses her telekinetic powers against Miss Trunchbull in the end to frighten her into leaving town.

Matilda and Miss Honey develop a lovely mother-daughter style relationship and the film ends with Matilda in Miss Honey’s care after her parents skip town and agree to let her stay with Miss Honey.

It is a great film and definitely worth a watch. The character of Miss Trunchbull used to scare me as a child- if you have seen it, you can probably see why.

Any film suggestions? Please leave below, always looking for good films to watch.


One thought on “Film Tuesday: Matilda”

  1. I absolutely adore Roald Dahl, he’s just unique. I remember going to primary school in utter tears as he had died and crying all over my teacher. None of the other kids understood my pain.

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