Dave’s log: Found some missing books

OK so the title pretty much sums it up, the other day I found some missing books.

The end.

I was so tempted to just leave it like that but I’ll go on.

Over the weekend my bed finally gave out. It’s been broken for a while now but was holding together just enough that it was still useable. Was being the key because it’s not anymore.

It meant that I had to spend the weekend emptying all the drawers and finding space for all the crap I’ve thrown in there over time before I could take it apart to get rid off.

Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! The main reason that stuff ended up in those drawers to begin with is because I rarely used it and had nowhere else to put it. Space is at a premium and it wasn’t stuff I wanted to throw awa.

That said it was fun to see all of my old Nintendo 64 games again, they brought back lots and lots of memories. The first two Turok games, Goldeneye, Pokémon Snap, Perfect Dark, Banjo and Kazooie just to name a few. It’s a shame that I can’t find the cables to plug the console in otherwise I would have done. Not that I need more distractions in my life or anything but still.

I found a box with various bits and pieces – old pictures, photos I took and edited for a photography course I took once, marbles, pogs (anyone else remember those?), some Pokémon cards, an old map of London Zoo. Lot’s of fun stuff. Although the map of London Zoo is a bit puzzling because I’ve easily been four or five times since that map was made.

At this point you can probably tell that emptying the drawers out took me a while because I got distracted looking through every box.

Eventually I managed to find a place for everything. Basically I made giant towers of crap tucked into every corner to get it out-of-the-way before the fun job of breaking the bed up into smaller pieces began. Well it was far to big and bulky to fit through the door and down the stairs in one piece.

Then some magical happened. As we were carrying one piece down the stairs two books on Latin American politics fell out. I have been looking for these books since I finished my undergrad degree. I had just assumed that I left them in my student house, some lucky second or third year getting a lucky gift of two books barely a year old, but no! They were hidden in some mystery part of my bed the whole time.

OK they are a little outdated now being a couple of years old but still. I hate the thought of losing things. Especially books.

Also that’s how boring and dull things are for me at the moment that finding two old texts books on Latin American politics is a highlight.


4 thoughts on “Dave’s log: Found some missing books”

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your post (which is amazingly written by the way!) and also that I have checked out your blog and it is safe to say I love it! (: so keep up the writing so I can keep reading!!

  2. Aww…that’s all so cute, David! I was mentally “awww”ing when I read about finding video games and those stuff :3 Haha, also you can now read ethics stuff more :3

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