Things that vex me… Unpredictable weather

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

Last time it was the smell of cat food, this time it’s unpredictable weather because we’ve had a lot of it in the UK the last couple of weeks.

Every time I’m about to go out at the moment I end up playing a little game I call do I need my coat? I open the door and take a step outside, it’s nice and warm, the sun is shining, it’s not coat weather. I’ll be too hot if I wear my coat and will just end up having to carry it.

But all the weather forecasts say it is going to rain, and rain a lot today. Another quick check of the sky and there’s not a cloud in sight. I pick up my coat. I put it back down. I pick it up again. What to do what to do? And while I’m playing this little game I could have walked to the shop and back without any hassle.

Eventually I make up my mind. I’m not taking my coat, there’s no clouds in sight and I’ll be too hot.

Then just as I pass the halfway point, as if it is the will of some malevolent being, dark clouds appear out of nowhere to drench me and I’m sure that somewhere there is a group of weather people muttering ‘we told you it was going to rain’. Yeah probably because you pricks summoned some sort of rain demon to make it so.

You’re halfway between the shop and home, what do you do? If you go home you’ve got drenched for nothing and you didn’t get anything you need from the shop or do you continue to the shop? You still need your shopping and it’s not like you can get any wetter.

Like any sensible human I decided to continue the shop, I still need to eat.

There I am plodding along in the rain in a t-shirt jumping over puddles, people in cars not even stopping to let me cross the road at crossings despite the fact they are nice and dry inside cars because heaven forbid they wait for even 30 seconds. Selfish bastards.

And then just as you reach the shop, the rain stops. The clouds disappear. The sun comes back out. And the weather people are sat somewhere looking rather smug with themselves while you are left to do your shopping soaked through causing you to leave a slippery trail behind you as you go.

But its meant to be like this all week so the next day when you decide to go out just as you start to repeat the coat game you remember what happened yesterday where you got caught out. Today you are determined not to get caught out, to not make the same mistake, today you take your coat.

Oh and would you look at that. No rain. Not a drop. Yep because you have your coat the malevolent rain demons have decided to leave you alone and go after some other people soul while you are left to roast alive in your coat that you have had to wear all day for no reason. The sun’s nice and all but I was told to expect rain.

Then there are the days where it rains for a bit, gets bored and lets the sun come out for a while to trick you into going into the garden and sitting at the table with pen and paper. Then just when you get into a flow with your writing and have stopped paying attention to the weather it sneaks up on you, drenching you and ruining everything you’ve written.

Make up your mind. Is it raining today or is it going to be sunny? Don’t do any of this stop start stop start nonsense. Don’t tease rain and then decide you have a shy bladder or something. What is it going to be? The weather should have to decide what it will be at 7am and then that is what it’ll be for the day.


11 thoughts on “Things that vex me… Unpredictable weather”

  1. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone who can complain about the weather as much as you and I live in Melbourne! We have a saying here, ‘If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes’. I thought they were all kidding when I moved down here but they really weren’t. You can get snow, rain and heat all in the same day.
    Perhaps you’d like living in Queensland – it’s nicely hot (30-50 degrees) and very humid for 6 months without a break and very little rain. You wouldn’t have much use for your coat mate.
    Also please Vex on. Moan away. Rant even. I am enjoying it and have started living vicariously through you David. Do it for the Greater Good of all mankind, because most people are stupid and need a damn good thrashing.
    So after all that I’ll now frighten the heck out of people and tell you that I’m doing psychology at uni. Really I’m almost nice when people though.

    1. Oh I can moan more than that and 30-50 degrees with it being very humid doesn’t sound that nice either. I’d be moaning about how hot and humid it is.
      And fun subject psychology, any particular area of it you are interested in?

      1. It’s amusing to see how a lot of people say that they’re going to retire to Queensland however I think they get the shock of their lives, perhaps they really hate it but just can’t admit it to other people, after all they’ve gone to all the trouble and expense of moving haven’t they? My english mother hated the heat up there, I think she would make a good Vexing Point blogger as she does whinge a lot about different things including ‘real’ football (she barracks for Man. Utd although I’m not quite sure why as she was born in Cambridge, Go figure.
        I love psychology, it’s a great passion in my life and I have done it before actually… but I failed in getting my degree. That was because I my horse stepped on my foot pinning me (he was suddenly interested in his girlfriend), I fell sideways and spiral fractured my Fibula and Tibia. I can’t be accused of doing things half-heartedly. After 3 operations (where my surgeon made gallant attempts to pin the bones) and a year in hospital (on and off) finally she had to amputate my driving leg (I was not impressed that it was my driving leg at all). I REALLY can’t be accused of doing things half-heartedly! My surgeon did her best for me but I ended up with gangrene and boy was that just repulsive – but somehow fascinating at the same time.
        Anyway for a long time I’ve thought about doing behavioural psychology, working with people with chronic pain (I have that too) and stress by using horse therapy, although not if the bloody things are going to step on people’s feet! My speciality was dressage, I was competing against adults when I was 12 and winning. That bit didn’t matter as I just loved what I did. I know how horses have helped me and I like to do some research and get it going. At least this time the psych will be reasonably easy if there is such a thing.
        So that’s a bit more than you expected wasn’t it? I must feel comfortable with all the ranting and sarcasm – I should do as I’m the same. I don’t know how Mummy puts up with me I really don’t.

      2. Yeah it was more than I expected but all very interesting and it has made me even more afraid of horses than I was before.
        Behavioural psychology is interesting and it sounds like you have a bit of a passion for it. How long has it taken you to recover from all that?
        And I understand not wanting to say you hate something after you spend all that money, time, and effort on it. Just smile and do your best to get on with it while the anger and hatred builds up inside you.

  2. Absolutely – if I do eventually set up some kind of program with horses I think I’ll get a few punches in when no-one’s looking. Anger is an emotion like any other so I like to entertain it a bit more often. I’m thinking of turning to the dark side but people are trying to make me use my powers for good. Don’t worry I told them all to get lost (and surprisingly they did). I’m not sure why people listen to my advice at exactly the wrong time.
    You thought you were going to have a nice moan about the weather on your site, then I came in and hijacked it! Sorry about that David, I know I was a tad more forthcoming than I thought I would be… serves you right though. I’m only comfortable with my own kind and it’s rare that people are honest about being miserable bastards… and I say that with all due respect of course.

    1. I don’t mind it at all. It’s nice to get comments, especially long ones. It’s even better when it’s from a fellow misery guts.
      The good side is highly overrated, plus we have much better cake on the dark side…

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