Daily Prompt: Flangiprop!

Today’s daily prompt is called Flangiprop! and it asks;

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 

“Flangiprop” is when your mind goes completely blank when you are in the middle of speaking leaving you standing staring into space like a gormless idiot.



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flangiprop!”

  1. I wrote this pretty quickly. I got a little carried away and wrote a story. I hope it makes sense.
    . . .
    Flangiprop (v.): Propaganda created by the National Association of Past Tense Disabled Speakers and Writers.
    . . .
    Fellow members of the National Association of Past Tense Disabled Speakers and Writers surrounded Arthur on front of the Center for Dictionary Studies.

    The billboards signs:

    “You flung, I flang. I’m still human.”
    “I seen it, you saw it. I still have rights.”
    “Past tense, future perfect. Nobody is perfect.”
    “You got a problem, buddy. Take a swang at me.”

    They paced back and forth in front of its sidewalk, Arthur moving with the crowd alongside Samantha. He turned to her, “You know, I have ideas. We can’t just expect to get our voices out there with protests. This isn’t the kind of flangiprop that works. We have to infiltrate the hearts and minds of the people. We need our own news outlet. One that ostracizes people that use mainstream past tense indiscriminately. One where we can explain our etymology and not that of the majority. I mean, I went on CDS’s website and their stuff is solid.”

    “You what?” Samantha said.

    “I said I went on their site and it’s exactly what we should be doing.”

    “You ‘went’?”

    “Yeah. You gotta be able to look at your enemy’s tactics.”

    Samanta tossed her sign to the ground. “Spy! Grammarphile spy! Linguistic fascist!”

    All eyes turned to Arthur. Signs lowered.

    “It’s not what you think,” Arthur said.

    “Get him! Quick!” Samantha said.

    “I love you, Samantha Reed.”


    The protestors closed in.

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