Daily Prompt: Ode to a Playground

Today’s daily prompt is called Ode to a Playground and it asks;

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.


Most of the places like that from my childhood have already been destroyed or renovated in such a way that they are no longer recognisable to me.

When I last went to the park I used to go to most weekends as a child I didn’t recognise it. There are new swings, new slides, the big open grass area we used to play football has been replaced by some stupid trendy café for the parents, another of the open spaces has been replaced by a car park because heaven forbid people actually walk to and from the park now.

It used to be so nice. Lots of grass and open space for us to run around in, play football, trees to climb, you could sit and have a picnic.

And now it’s all gone so parents can have coffee. Bastards.



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