Daily Prompt: Trick or Trick

Today’s daily prompt is called Trick or Trick and it asks;

Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to? Continue reading Daily Prompt: Trick or Trick

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Friend

Today’s daily prompt is called Imaginary Friend and it asks;

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)

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Daily Prompt: Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!)

Today’s daily prompt is called Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!) and it asks;

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!

Bonus assignment: do you keep a notebook next to your bed? Good. Tomorrow morning, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not it’s coherent.

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