Daily Prompt: Yin to My Yang

Today’s daily prompt is called Yin to My Yang and it asks;

How do you define the term “soulmate,” and do you believe in the existence of such a person — for you?

I don’t define the term soulmate so you’ve kinda fallen at the first hurdle daily prompt.

Do I believe in them? Well I think it’s going to come as no surprise to you all when I say no, no I don’t.

I don’t believe there is one perfect person out there for anyone. There are people who are great for you out there. Some are even more than great for you.

But sorry, no soulmate. No one perfect person.

And it would be boring if there were soulmates. People could be perfectly happy together and make a fantastic couple but at the backs of people’s mind would be ‘oh but they aren’t my soulmate’ or ‘I’ll stick with them until I find my soulmate’. How unfair is that? People would just use each other until they thought something better came along. They would be afraid of committing to each other because tomorrow might be the day they bump into their soulmate.

Also what if you are someone’s soulmate but they are someone else’s soulmate? What do you do then? Alternate days you are together?

Or what if you are soulmates and you hate each other? Do soulmates have to like each other? What if before you were soulmates you were rivals and you did pretty mean things to each other? Years of mental anguish, could that be overcome?

What if you are straight and your soulmate happens to be the same gender as you? OK yes you could become best friends and sure why not, but isn’t the whole point of soulmates to be couples? Oh and this comes back to the problem of you would never be your partners soulmate now so they might do the whole avoid commitment thing waiting for their soulmate.

Or how about if they refuse to believe you are soulmates? You are soulmates but you don’t meet their standards and they reject you? You are now forced to be unhappy forever that you were rejected by your soulmate who went off with someone else who was merely great for them.

Oh and then there is the problem of geography. What happens if you are on opposite ends of the world?

Age could be a factor. You are 60 and your soulmate is 10. That is not allowed and for very good reasons. Do you cling to life until they are an appropriate age? It means you will have lived most of your life without your soulmate and they will get to spend a few brief years with you, their soulmate before you die and they have to live the rest of their life knowing their soulmate is dead and that they will never find someone as perfect for them. What kind of life is that!?

See too many problems with it. Too much hassle. It sets impossible standards. And it’s actually quite depressing when you really stop and think about it.

I’ll happily take a girl who is “just” great for me thanks. I’m fine with putting up with weird habits and quirks. It’s better than this whole “soulmate” business.

I did not mean for this to turn into a rant. Oh well.



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