Food Friday: Eat Well for Less

We are going to be doing Food Friday again, where we talk about food. It could be recipes, what we have been loving, what we want to try or maybe even the food we just always have around, anything to do with food or food shopping.

Here on the BBC we have a programme called, Eat well for less, which is where they help families cut their grocery bill and they even help them pick out more nutritious food. It is a very interesting programme, they have a nutritionist to talk about the nutritional value in different brands of a certain item, and even show you how to make your own in some instances, for example chicken nuggets was compared one episode and they then showed you how to make your own. Sometimes they show you how to make a quick nutritional meal as well, as that is usually one of the complaints by the families week in, week out, they want quick convenient food, so the aim is to show them they can make food quickly, which is more nutritious, cost effective and delicious.

The show was on last night and I saw people moaning about the title, saying it should be eat for less, as it isn’t healthy, as they still show families eating food such as pizza. However, I think it is eat well for less, in terms of eat well in terms of eat just as much for less, but also more nutritious as well. Maybe that is just me, if they called it eat healthy for less, I feel they would have a much better point.

However, the main aim is to save them money by allowing them to still have the food they like, as well as helping them try new recipes and sometimes new food, for example different type of fish.

I really enjoy the show and I discovered a love for Tesco’s soya sausages from it. They are so nice and it’s a great alternative to meat sausages and great way to cut down and not have too much meat.

Another thing they do on the show every week is they have a product, take juice as an example, they will have a brand leader, another brand and then supermarket own brands and they have to taste them all and rank them, but they don’t know what brand each is until after. It is interesting to see if higher price is worth it, for some things it is, others not so much.

You learn some interesting things.

Well worth a watch in my opinion.

See you again next week.


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