Dave’s log: Think I’m coming down with something and some other thoughts

On my last log I talked about how I got caught in the rain going to the shops, getting soaked through in the process and was hoping I don’t get sick as a result. Well guess what? It looks like I’m coming down with something. Oh joy.

I’ve been feeling tired all the time the last couple of days and have been having headaches. Now admittedly that could just be a lack of sleep which would make sense since I’ve really been struggling to sleep the last couple of weeks but my muscles feel really sore and my nose is becoming all stuffy so I’m going to go with I got sick from the rain.

I hate it. I hate all of it. Especially the whole tired thing because it makes it impossible to really do anything. You just feel so unmotivated and struggle to concentrate. Like now I’m tempted to just give up with this and go and lie down and watch a film or something.

It’s why I haven’t written the answers to my own writing prompts the last couple of days or typed up part three of my story for my Five Word Challenge. Still I managed to get September’s Five Word Challenge up if anyone wants to check that out and give it a go. I put that at the top of my list of things to do.

Speaking of the writing prompts I’ve been doing, I put a post up the other day asking for prompt ideas and suggestions. I’m still after ideas or suggestions if anyone should have any. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post or the post asking for suggestions.

I’m tempt to start posting a joke or funny picture or funny story sort of thing a day to try to bring some joy. Don’t worry it won’t stop me being a miserable bastard and doing the things that vex me each week or moaning about things in the news. I have enough rage and frustration in me that all the jokes in the universe won’t get rid of it but starting a day with a joke should hopefully something something. I dunno. I’m sick I don’t have to make sense with my thoughts!

We, that would be me and Megan or is it Megan and I? English is stupid at times. Anyway we talked about adding a suggestions box to the blog so that you can submit post ideas for us to write or say what you would like to see more of on this blog. I’ll probably add that  some point over the next week and I’ll tweak the blog categories and layout at the same time.

Hmm anything else? No. I don’t think so. The weather keeps alternating between sunny and pouring down with rain. I’m tempted to go for a walk while its sunny. You know after I’ve had a cup of tea that is. Can’t do anything without a cup of tea.

Oh and I’m sure there are loads of errors in here. I haven’t read over this or anything. Reading on the screen is what is giving me headaches at the moment so I’m not going to bother proofreading this. Enjoy.


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