Five Word Challenge: September 2015

Welcome to September’s Five Word Challenge.

I’ve given our magic box a little shake and picked five words out at random for this months Five Word Challenge.

The five words for September are:

  1. Game
  2. Night
  3. Rum
  4. Newspaper
  5. Spoon

A wide variety of words for September then.

As always I’ll go through some of my initial thoughts on the words and potential story ideas in case anyone is struggling. Remember you can add any thoughts you have in the comments below.


This could be a card game, board game, video game, a game of hide and seek, or a sporting event.

Your characters could be talking about a game, watching one, or playing.


The thing that follows day and the time when all the scary monsters come out. The perfect setting for a horror story or a romantic dinner. For people with serve social anxiety these could be one and the same.


My favourite kind of drink and the drink of choice for pirates.

Someone could be drinking rum or buying a bottle as a gift for someone or to take to a party.

A bottle of rum could be used as a weapon in a fight scene, although if it is a full one that really is a terrible terrible waste.


Bits of paper with words on them that old people used to get the news before TV’s and the internet… I’m kidding, I enjoy reading the newspapers in the morning.

A character could work for one as a reporter or photographer, they could stop to buy one as part of their morning routine or they could catch a glimpse of a headline on one as they walk by that somehow relates to the greater plot.


An object used to eat cereal, soup, and ice cream. It’s a spoon. I’m not sure what else there is to say on the matter.


Remember to share any ideas you have in the comments below.

You have a month to come up with a story, letter, script, poem, song, whatever else takes your fancy,

Remember to add a link to this page for a pingback and as always I will put a link to all the entries at the bottom of next months Five Word Challenge. Happy writing and good luck.

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