Things that vex me… Noisy neighbours

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

Last time out it was noisy eaters this week it’s the turn of noisy neighbours. The rude inconsiderate bastards.

I’ve been unlucky enough to have lived above, below, and next to several different noisy neighbours over the years.

If you’ve never had to deal with a noisy neighbour you might not realise just how much of a miserable experience it can be. It honestly can make you physically and mentally ill.

It can make sleeping impossible so you feel tired all the time. It can make you feel on edge because you never get anytime to just relax and enjoy some quiet. It can cut into everything, you can’t watch TV or a film, you can’t read a book, you can’t have a conversation with anyone, you can’t work or study. You start getting headaches a lot, find you start talking louder and listening to things louder just to try and drown out the noise.

My current neighbours are pretty bad for making a lot of noise. They have young kids who are always running about screaming and shouting, made worse by the fact that I can hear them at all kinds of hours. I swear they don’t sleep or if they do they do it in shifts so one of them is always awake to make noise. Probably have a little schedule printed up in their room or something.

Now you are probably thinking yeah but they are young kids, young kids are noisy, and that is true. But they aren’t as noisy as these two little brats. It’s not helped by the fact that their parents do very little to stop them until they get pissed off with it and then they start shouting at them which causes them to cry. Loudly. Leading to more shouting. Which leads to more crying. Back to more shouting. And you get how this goes.

They also have a teenage daughter who recently turned 16. I know this because of the bloody noise her and her friends made. Her parents did went with the dick move of going away to stay in a hotel for the night with the two young ones while she had her party in “peace”. Oh bloody hell.

A group of teenagers having a party with no adult supervision. Come on people that’s never a good idea! And this isn’t the first time they have done this either.

They had music blasting and were screaming and shouting and making all other kinds of noise until six in the morning. Six am. And they did that annoying thing of turning the bass all the way up so you can’t even hear the music anymore, just THUMP THUMP THUMP. Walls vibrating. Things falling off shelves. Teeth rattling inside your head.

What made it worse was that it was shit music and they didn’t even offer me a beer! Not one. Now that is just rude.

If it was decent music I wouldn’t mind the loud music happening on the odd occasion. I can enjoy it or appreciate it a bit. Likewise if they passed me a few cans of beer or a bottle of something over the fence as way of a peace-offering or an apology or something to that effect it wouldn’t be so bad. Hell I would even take a slice of cake. But nothing.

Serious lesson here kids. Whenever you throw a party it’s best to give your neighbours a peace-offering. Invite them to the party. Give them a present of some kind. Sneak them a couple of beers over the fence. If it’s a barbecue give them a burger. Something. It honestly does go a long way.

But the worst of all is the constant banging. I have no idea what the banging is. I have no idea what they are doing to cause. Which in a way makes it worse.

It will just start at random, this banging sound that sounds like someone hitting a hammer against a wall, in one room. It’ll go on for like half an hour, stop, and then start again in a completely different part of the house.

But it’s not at like a set time of day or anything. It can start at 8am and last for a few hours, it can start at 10pm and last for twenty, or anything in between.

Are they doing DIY almost constantly? Do they have a weird hobby of constantly hanging pictures on a wall, taking them down and hanging them somewhere else? I don’t know. All I know is the banging is bloody annoying.

It’s so annoying that I’ve actually started doing it myself sometimes but in a rhythm with them on the same part of the wall just to confuse them. They bang, I bang, they bang, I bang. It stops me going mad.


Does anyone else have an annoying noisy neighbour?


5 thoughts on “Things that vex me… Noisy neighbours”

  1. I’ve had problems with this before. Thankfully right now it’s just the cats waking me up. Though that can get really annoying too. Anyways, I lived in one apartments complex where someone was always loud and I could feel the walls move the music was so loud. I would call the cops but as soon as they left the music was back up again. Since there was no noise ordinance I could not do anything about it. I cherish my quite. I think you are much better than I for putting up with it.

    1. That sounds awful and I hate people like that. I’ve seen things like that happen. The police just give up after a while.
      I bought myself some powerful wireless headphones to help deal with it, it works fairly well.

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