Film Tuesday: In Bruges

Every weekend we are going to watch a film, new or old whatever takes our fancy, and then blog about it.

The film we watched this past weekend was, In Bruges.

I have never seen In Bruges before, it was David’s recommendation. To be honest, I am one of these people who you ask have you seen this, you’re expecting a yes, you get excited to talk about it, only for me to say no and you to be shocked.

Now, In Bruges is probably not one of those films, but I am one of those people. For example, my friends were horrified as I had never seen Bridget Jones (the first one I mean) all the way through. I have now.

Anyways back to In Bruges, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The film is about two hit men, Ray (Colin Farrell) a rookie hit man, and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) a more experienced one, who are sent to Bruges by their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) after a job Ray was sent to do goes wrong.

At first Ray and Ken think they have been sent to Bruges to lay low while the heat back home dies down after the botched job or perhaps to carry out a job in the area.

However we learn that Harry has sent them to Bruges to give Ray one last happy memory before he is ‘punished’ for what happened on the botched job. Harry thinks Bruges is great, he thinks it is some magical fairytale place and that he is doing a really nice thing for Ray. Ray hates it. He think it’s boring.

Despite thinking it is boring, Ray gets himself in to all sort of situations and trouble. He offends a family of American tourists, hits two Canadians, meet’s a girl, almost get’s mugged and goes back to a hotel room with two prostitutes and a drugged up racist dwarf.

We slowly learn what happened on Ray’s botched job and the real reason that Harry has sent both him and Ken to Bruges, which leads to Harry having to go out to Bruges himself to take care of things. This leads to an amusing chase through the city itself.

I’m really trying not to spoil the film which makes it difficult to talk about. But it’s really good. Really funny. Although be warned there’s a lot of swearing it in, but they make a joke of how much they swear.

It’s also made me want to visit Bruges. It looks really nice.

Has anyone been to Bruges? Has anyone seen In Bruges? If so what did you think?

If you have any suggestions for films you think we should watch let us know in the comments.

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