American 10,000m runner loses the World Championships bronze to her teammate after she started celebrating too early

American 10,000m runner Molly Huddle lost the World Championships bronze to her teammate Emily Infeld after she started celebrating too early.

So Huddle got in a muddle, now she’s crying a puddle and could use a cuddle. Come on there’s some quality tabloid level stuff there.

But what a way to lose out on a medal, celebrating too early. Can you imagine how gutted you would feel? She said herself it’s going to take a long time to get over, if I’m honest I don’t think it’s something I would get over.

Just before she crossed the finish line she raised both of her arms in celebration and eased up in her final few strides which allowed Infeld to narrowly edge past her.

See this is why you should never celebrate until it’s over. I’ve never understood why runners celebrate just before they cross the line anyway because it slows them and some of these races are so tight with just a few fractions of a second separating them it’s madness.

When we did athletics in PE at school we were told to imagine a line a couple of metres beyond the actual finish and to race to that instead to make sure that sort of thing didn’t happen to us. Not that I was ever near the front in such races or anything but still.

They do the same thing in football. They teach you to play until the whistle. Until the ref blows the whistle the games still on.

Honestly I have very little sympathy for Huddle. It’s her own fault. Plus I’ve always felt it’s a bit disrespectful to the other athletes to celebrate like that before you finish.

Still it makes for a great life lesson. It’s not over until its


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