Dave’s log: Caught in the rain

So as you can probably guess from the title I’ve just been caught in the rain. And I don’t mean light shower level rain, oh no this was full on heavy downpour rain that has soaked me clean through.

Now don’t worry I’ve changed into dry clothes and had a nice hot shower since I’ve got home so I’m no longer cold and wet and hopefully should avoid catching something. Still knowing my luck I probably will.

And some of you are probably thinking I’m an idiot for going out in the rain. Well when out it wasn’t raining! Well that’s not actually true, it was raining. And quite hard at that.

But still I had to go out. I had to pop to the shop and buy food for dinner tonight. Steak and veggies if anyone is that interested.

So while I was walking to the shop it was raining heavily and there’s always that hope isn’t there that while you are shopping the rain will stop and it’ll be nice to walk home.

Nope came out the shop and it was raining 100 times harder. I stopped in the entrance way actually debating what to do but decided that since I was already soak and going to have a nice hot shower that it didn’t matter and I may as well just walk back in it.

That was not a smart move.

There were huge puddles everywhere that made navigating the pavements virtually impossible. I stepped in one puddle and basically filled my shoe up with water. Every step there after felt squishy with that horrible squelching sound just about audible over the sound of the rain.

But the worst part was when some dickhead bus driver decided to drive through a puddle splashing me and my shopping with dirty muddy puddle water. Every other car and bus was able to avoid the puddles and splashing people except for him. I assume it’s a him. I don’t know. Although after that kind of behaviour I do not regard them as a civilised human being. No civilised person would do such a thing. Dickhead.

I’m going to go grab my duvet and huddle around a radiator I think to ward off illness.


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