Things that vex me… Scam calls about an accident

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, a place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex me in life.

This week it’s about those nuisance calls saying you’ve had an accident.

How many of you have had those calls or those texts claiming to be some law group contacting you about some recent accident you’ve had where they promise to get you loads of compensation?

Bloody annoying aren’t they! I get at least one call or text from these bastards everyday.

Where the hell are they getting my number from?

Better yet where are they getting their information from? It’s a bloody crap source whatever it is and they should be asking for a refund. I’ve never had an accident. Well OK I have, I’ve burnt and cut myself cooking, and yeah I’ve fallen over a couple of times picking up bruises in the process, but I’ve never had a serious accident that required things like an ambulance or lawyers.

And why am I the last to hear about this accident? It happened to me. Surely I should be the first to know about it but no apparently not. Apparently some group of unscrupulous bastards know more about me than I do.

Seriously it freaks me out. Like did I have an accident so horrible that I can’t remember it? Was it so bad I blocked it out and am currently repressing it? Or did it cause me to have some very selective amnesia?

Or are they planning to make me have an “accident” so that they can they help me claim compensation? Do I keep avoiding their trap and that’s why they keep calling me back each day?

‘Had your accident yet?’

‘What? No! I haven’t had an accident.’

‘Oh right. (covering phone) Get hold of Steve, this one hasn’t had his accident yet. (uncovering phone) Er I’ll talk to you tomorrow.’

Is that how these groups work?

And it’s nearly always a car accident of some description. I don’t own a car. I live in London. I can barely afford things like eating or rent let alone buying or running a bloody car.

When they phone, and if I’m in the mood or not busy, I like to mess with them and waste their time a bit. It’s only fair since they are disturbing me and trying to con me. What goes around and all that.

One of my favourites is to just ask which car. That always throw them. They never seem to know how to respond to that beyond ‘oh er your main one?’ Just keep going with ‘yes but which main one?’ It really annoys them, they don’t know how to respond, probably because it’s not on their script. I’ve actually had one hang up on me because of it. That felt like a big victory.

The other one to do is to just scream and cry saying ‘oh god I’ve had an accident, am I going to be OK?’ Again it throws them and they have no idea how to react. They aren’t very good at the whole compassion thing, all they care about is scamming you and getting your money. Again I’ve had them hang up on me as a result of this. I make it too much work too bother with I guess.

The thing I don’t get though is who falls for this crap? I mean clearly people do otherwise they wouldn’t still be doing it. How stupid or greedy do you have to be to fall for this shit?


I think that’s enough moaning for today. I’m going to go have a drink and relax. Check back next week for another Things that Vex me.


6 thoughts on “Things that vex me… Scam calls about an accident”

  1. if you had read the memo before the staff meeting then you would know which accident and which main car. I always hate it whenever I forget to read the memo

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