The curse of the overflowing wheelie bin

Yes that’s right it’s an overflowing wheelie bin story. Doesn’t it just make you proud to be British that this is such a big issue. We’re such a joke.

OK so here’s the story and it is like oh so many others.

A woman put out her wheelie bins because it’s their collection day and she needs her rubbish collecting and taking away. So far perfectly reasonable, however as she did so she committed one of the greatest crimes in Britain today, she put in too many bags of rubbish that she could not close the lid on her wheelie bin. As a result the binman took out a couple of bags and dumped them on the pavement so that the lid on the wheelie bin would close before emptying the wheelie bin and leaving.

What an evil selfish bitch! How dare she not close the lid on her wheelie bin properly! Doesn’t she know that something about health and safety rules.

It turns out the woman forgot to put her wheelie bins out a fortnight ago (which are a stupid idea to begin with) so this time around she had so many bags of rubbish the lid on her wheelie bin wouldn’t close properly. Makes sense. No big deal if you ask me.

Now I should point out in this case that while the binmen did moan about it breaking health and safety regulations (fuck off) they did come back 40 minutes later and pick them up after they had emptied their lorry.

Yay so it had a happy ending. This time. Normally these stories don’t.

Still though this is one of those things that really bug me. In the past binmen have refused to empty someone’s wheelie bin because the lid won’t close. The lid won’t close because they have so much rubbish. By not emptying their wheelie bin all that happens is they have more rubbish build up that won’t even fit in the wheelie bin, which they then refuse to take, which means more builds up and on and on it goes. When that happens you start getting flies, maggots, and worst of all rats. That is a real health and safety issue.

And a fortnight is a long time to have bags just sat around, especially in the summer when it’s hot. I’ve seen maggots appear after just a few days when it’s really hot, let alone two weeks. It’s even worse if you miss one collection because then you can have bags of rubbish hanging around for up to a month. Yuck!

It really really is one of the dumbest things ever this. Anyone with just the tiniest bit of common sense knows but I suppose we are talking about politicians and bureaucrats here so I’m the idiot for thinking that they have any. The whole thing is a catch-22. Oh you have too much rubbish so we won’t take it. All that happens is the rubbish then builds up and they have even more of the bloody stuff.


This is what people pay their council tax for. They pay the council to empty their bloody bins. Already councils have cut down on how often they do that without lowering how much people pay in council tax which is a bloody con. If you are offering the service less often you should not be allowed to charge the same amount for it! Simple as that.

This is so bloody stupid!


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