Five Word Challenge: August 2015

Welcome to August’s Five Word Challenge.

I have picked five words out of the magic word box that has 500 words in it and the five words for August are:

  1. Book
  2. Lost
  3. Start
  4. Milkshake
  5. Werewolf

An interesting mix of words that look like they could be difficult to link together. Should make for a nice challenge and some interesting ideas.

As always I’ll go through some of my initial thoughts on the words and potential story ideas in case anyone is struggling. Remember you can add any thoughts you had in the comments below.


OK I’m going to assume you all know what a book is. Maybe a character is reading a book or your characters are searching for a specific book that holds some kind of long lost prophecy. Or maybe your character is trying to write one.


Again a nice easy word this. Maybe your characters are lost or they have lost something.


The beginning. The start of race maybe? Or maybe it’s morning, the start of the day. Perhaps your character is ready for a fresh start after a life changing event.


Delicious delicious milkshakes. A wonderful drink for both kids and grownups. A character could be drinking one or want one to drink.


I’ll allow you to take out the wolf part and substitute it with another animal so long as it remains a were-beast.

Story Ideas

A search for a lost book? A book about werewolves maybe?

Maybe a character has started writing a book but lost their motivation, inspiration, or train of thought and go out for a milkshake to refind it.

Or a character could start dictating/recounting a story for someone to turn into a book of a time they got lost.


Those are just some of the initial thoughts and ideas I had about what you could do with the five words. Remember to share any ideas you have in the comments below.

You have a month to come up with a story, letter, script, poem, song, whatever else takes your fancy,

I’m going to continue the short story I started in June’s Five Word Challenge and continued in July.

Remember to add a link to this page for a pingback and as always I will put a link to all the entries at the bottom of next months Five Word Challenge. Happy writing and good luck.

July’s entries

Weekend Hunting Trip part 2 – First day hunting (My short story)

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