Dave’s log: Found some old notepads and folders

Dave’s log. Friday morning. Ish. I have just found some old notepads and folders. By the looks of them, they had fallen behind a bookcase so time ago. My preliminary scans show I have hit a treasure trove of papers.

OK OK I’m done with the Kirk speak although I really can’t help it whenever I start one of these. It’s just too fun. I was even use a pad of sticky notes as a communicator as I was talking. God I’m sad.

So anyway yes I pulled out the bookcase, I’m getting rid of it and getting a new one. The current one is old and falling apart and the new one is bigger with more shelves. I know you didn’t ask but there you go.

As I pulled it out I found several old notepads and folders that must have fallen behind it. And quite a while ago judging by the amount of dust on them.

Guess what was in them? A bunch of old stories I started writing. Well OK mostly just story plans or vague ideas but one or two stories that I had actually begun to write.

It’s weird looking back over them because I don’t remember any of them. I don’t remember thinking up the ideas, or planning them, or even writing them, but its definitely my handwriting. I’d notice that illegible mess anywhere.

I’m tempted to type them up and re-work them and if I can make a half decent story out of them yet. Is that something people would be interested in?


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