Five Word Challenge: July 2015

Welcome to July’s Five Word Challenge.

I have picked five words out of the magic word box that has 500 words in it and the five words for July are:

  1. Song
  2. Illusion
  3. Bridge
  4. Dinner
  5. Mountain

An nice mix of words that should lead to some interesting ideas.

As always I’ll go through some of my initial thoughts on the words and potential story ideas in case anyone is struggling. Remember you can add any thoughts you had in the comments below.


OK so we all know what a song is.

One of your characters could have a song stuck in their head or remember a song from their childhood.

Your characters could be going to a concert talking about what song they are looking forward to hearing.

Or it got be birds or other animals singing. The songs oft he wild etc.


Your character could be lost in the desert and see illusions and mirages due to dehydration.

They could be high on drugs, sick, or suffering a breakdown.


A bridge over something, a river, lake, road, railway track etc.

Possibly the name of a place or venue like Stamford Bridge where Chelsea play.

Or if you want to go down a sci-fi route a bridge between worlds or dimensions.


A fantastic meal at the end of every day.

Your character could be at a dinner party talking with friends or travelling home from work and looking forward to dinner.


Nickname for a tall person perhaps? The name of a venue? Or just an actual mountain.

Story ideas

You could have a bridge connecting two peaks of a mountain or a bridge somewhere along a mountain path.

A song that causes illusion. Some type of song magic or sirens.

A restaurant at the top of a mountain where your characters want to go for dinner, they have magical singers up there or just a top top band wanting to play in the most remote place possible. It could be a long trek up the mountain, having to cross a bridge or two, the journey goes wrong, they get trapped, and because someone saw an illusion which took them of course.


Those are just some of the initial thoughts and ideas I had about what you could do with the five words. Remember to share any ideas you have in the comments below.

You have a month to come up with a story, letter, script, poem, song, whatever else takes your fancy,

I’m going to continue the short story I started in June’s Five Word Challenge.

Remember to add a link to this page for a pingback and as always I will put a link to all the entries at the bottom of next months Five Word Challenge. Happy writing and good luck.

June’s entries

Weekend Hunting Trip Part 1 – Arriving at the Forest (my short story)

You can go back and see June’s Five Word Challenge here.


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