Dave’s log: I hate typing

In my last log I talked about how I spent the day at a local park, during that log I mentioned that I did a bunch of writing, by hand, while I was there. Well that leads to a pretty big problem for me. Typing.

I hate typing things up. I’m no good at it. I find it really easy to go to a park or a library with a pad of paper and pen (or two or three just in case) and to just sit and write for hours on end. That’s how I wrote all of my university essays. No distractions and you can just get lost in the writing and your thoughts.

It has one pretty big advantage, it means that when you go to type up your work you are forced to read over it and you’ll notice mistakes, you know things like spelling, punctuation, grammar, but you’ll also notice if what you wrote makes no sense. Was it a weak argument you wrote, did you get your points confused, did you start repeating yourself. You pick up on all of that up when you are typing it up.

But I hate it because it takes me forever to type things up. Computers and laptops have the internet and boom. You’ve just lost a couple of hours.

“Oh I’ll just quickly check the latest news headlines” and you end up checking every website ever.

“Oh I’ll just make a quick playlist on YouTube of songs to listen to” and you watch every video on YouTube.

“Oh I’ll just watch one episode of my show and then I’ll type up a page and then watch the next episode”  and then you watch the whole show and get so caught up in it that you have to check up online for if/when the next series will be and read everyone’s thoughts on what they think the story meant.

Too many distractions. Far too many.

The other problem is part of my brain tells me “oh no big deal you’ve already written it, you’ve done all the hard work, typing it up won’t take you that long you can totally take a break”. I hate my brain.

The things I wrote at the park are currently sat on my bed. Staring at me. Judging me. Silently judging me. I’ll get round to typing them up. At some point. Maybe tomorrow. Oh god it’s starting already. One of them is actually my story for the Five Word Challenge so I kind of need to do that soon.

Am I the only one that struggles with this? Does anyone else find it easier to write by hand than actually type?

6 thoughts on “Dave’s log: I hate typing”

    1. I can probably type faster than I write if I avoid distractions, but there is something special about putting pen to paper. It’s also easier to draw spider diagrams and stuff.

  1. I looked at a couple apps but have never tried them. Have you heard of apps that recognize your writing and output it as text? Unlike you, typing is more natural for me than writing by hand. Still, there are times it’s more convenient, like at the beach.

    1. I’ve tried a couple of different bits of software like that out but I’ve never found them to be very reliable and on the rare occasions when it does get it right it puts the American spelling which is annoying.

  2. I Googled “I love writing but hate typing” and this blog came up. I totally agree with the distraction complex. I am dyslexic and typing has always been difficult and slow for me, and I’m almost 60. So, between the clumsy fingering and the “I wonder what Drudge has to say right now” issue, my work never gets done. Oh, the songs and books and articles I could be submitting….

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this and I feel the exact same way. The amount of things I could write if I could just type.

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