Five Word Challenge: June 2015

It’s back! The Five Word Challenge is back!

And starting from now on it will be a monthly as opposed to weekly challenge with the new words going up the first of each month. Also the box now contains 500 words instead of the old 200.

Onto the draw!

The five words for June are:

  1. Alarm
  2. Hunter
  3. Tavern
  4. Envy
  5. Gem

Five really good words for the first month back.

As always I’ll go through some of my initial thoughts on the words and potential story ideas in case anyone is struggling. Remember you can add any thoughts you had in the comments below.


It could be an alarm clock, the sound of an alarm that wakes you up in the morning, or an internal sort of alarm warning you of when you are about to do something stupid or danger is near.


Anything from Elmer Fudd to a tiger could fill the role here. The story of a hunter going away camping for a weekend or the relationship between predator and prey, the hunter and the hunted.


A wonderful place to drink.  Could be on the edge of a forest where hunters gather before venturing into the forest to hunt or where hunters go to share their stories.


One of the seven deadly sins. You could be envious of a persons possessions, success, achievements, promotions, etc.


A precious or semi-precious stone that can hold great value and can look quite pretty, especially in a ring, necklace, or crown. It could be a specific individual gem like some kind of holy stone or philosophers stone, a gem in a piece of jewellery, or a set of gems.

Story ideas

Hunters meeting/talking in a tavern sharing stories, one of the stories causes some envy amongst the other hunters present perhaps.

A hunter re-telling a story about how some sort of internal alarm warned him about a threat of some kind, a bear or wolf.

Or how a hunter finds a strange gem and takes it back to the tavern and all the other hunters are envious of his (or her) find.

You could always start it like the diary of a hunter or someone going on a hunting trip starting with the alarm on their alarm clock waking them up.


Those are just some of the initial thoughts and ideas I had about what you could do with the five words. Remember to share any ideas you have in the comments below.

You have a month to come up with a story, letter, script, poem, song, whatever else takes your fancy, I’m going to go for a short story I think.

Remember to add a link to this page for a pingback and as always I will put a link to all the entries at the bottom of next months Five Word Challenge. Happy writing and good luck.

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