Dave’s log: Family barbecue and the Chelsea victory parade

How was everyone’s bank holiday weekend? I had a good one even if it did give me a hangover, make some of clothes smell of smoke, and leave me with some very sore feet.

Saturday I went to a family barbecue which was nice even though I think I ate and drank slightly too much.

As is always the case when I go to barbecue I somehow ended up in charge of all the cooking, not that I mind, I like cooking and I like fire so a barbecue is kind of a win-win in that regard. Also if you are in charge of the cooking you can decide what to cook next. It’s the seat of power at a barbecue.

The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been but then again this is England, we are used to the weather not being the best here. Just make sure there are umbrellas or a parasol at the ready and bring a coat.

Still it was a nice day, made nicer by the fact that it was one of those times when you are drinking where you magically always seem to never run out of drink. Just as you begin to run out of beer a fresh one seems to appear. That or I was still other people’s drinks as they came close to me. Still I got no complaints.

However I paid for it on Sunday. I slept half the day away and felt awful when I got up however Sunday was also the final day of the Premier League season which meant one thing,┬áChelsea lifting the Premier League title, I had placed a couple of beer in reserves ready for that moment. I didn’t stay up much past that, just had something to eat before grabbing my tablet and climbing into bed to watch stuff on Netflix.

And yesterday I went to Chelsea’s victory parade to show off that lovely Premier League trophy on an open top bus. I was right at the end of the route where they give the speeches and everything. It was amazing. Although I lost count at the amount of times that I got hit by bits of celery. One bit almost hit me in the eye, the guy in front of me got hit on the forehead by a bit, and the girl behind me was hit by a carrot for some reason. Like who the hell brings and throws a carrot?

Because I got there early I was probably stood around for about three hours and then I went for a nice long walk around London along the Thames for a couple of hours so by the time I got home my feet were aching. The first thing I did was throw my shoes off and put them in a warm bowl of water.

Still the parade was amazing. Was totally worth going to even with the getting hit by celery.

What did you all get up to this bank holiday weekend?


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