Dave’s log: Revenge of the kitchen!

As some of you may remember on my log I talked about the kitchen renovation nightmare that I was experiencing last month as our kitchen received a complete makeover.

Well its been a couple of weeks since the work finished and we’ve settled back into the kitchen, but now it is biting back with a vengeance! 

The kitchen is really nice and great and wonderful blah blah blah. It’s great to actually be able to get back in a kitchen and cook proper food again. It’s weird how much you can grow to miss a kitchen.

So everything has been fine. We’re still trying to get used to the new layout and get used to where everything is – there’s still that moment where I’m happily chopping away and turn to my right to grab something forgetting its now on the work top behind me – but apart from that everything is good.

Well make that was good. A couple of problems have cropped up now.

The first is that because we have extra lights out there now under the cupboards along with more sockets the kitchen puts a bigger drain on the fuse box so sometimes if you plug in a laptop upstairs to charge while your phone and a lamp etc are plugged in it can cause the fusebox to overload and all the power goes. Not that big a deal, just need to go under the stairs to the fuse box and flip the switches. That’s a lot easier than it sounds though when it is pitch black.

We got rid of a couple of extension cords upstairs and that seems to have fixed this issue until we get a new fuse box in a couple of weeks, so its possible it was a broken extension cord causing problems but there is a lot of use on the fuse box so better to play it safe.

So that’s issue one.

Issue two could be a lot lot worse. To sum it up in one word – Mice.

Yes that’s right earlier I was sat right here at my PC with the kitchen just in view out of the corner of my eye and what should I see scurrying along the floor but a little mouse. A field mouse I’m guessing.

Now it could be that it sneaked into the house when we have left the kitchen door open for the cat to wander in and out. Or the cat could have brought it into the house because well cats do do that from time to time. Or it is the far more worrying thought that the building work has created a small hole somewhere that a mouse has gotten in through.

When I went and looked in the kitchen I couldn’t find any sign of a mouse so I started doing that thing where you begin to doubt yourself. “Did I really see that? Was that real?” I’m fairly certain, like 95% that I saw a mouse. If it comes to it I will lock my cat in the kitchen until she can catch the bloody thing.

If I can I plan to trap it and take it to the field near where I live and release it. I just need to figure out how the hell to catch it first.

2 thoughts on “Dave’s log: Revenge of the kitchen!”

  1. There’s a brand of trap called “Have a Heart” that captures the animal, alive, in a sort of cage. Take the cage out into the wilderness, open the trap door, and the little guy (or gal) can run out back into the wild, a little scared but otherwise fine. With mice, however, I’d be concerned that if it has a close…friend…then a litter of babies could be in a nest someplace in the house. Unfortunately, with rodents, an infestation can occur in just a few weeks. Keep your eye out for little poo signs in and around where you store food and place a few traps (lethal or no, that’s up to you) where pets can’t tamper with them and see if you catch anything. Also, you can usually hear them running around between wall cavities so you’ll know when you’ve got more company than you care for. Good luck! Hopefully it turns out to be one who wandered in and doesn’t set up a permanent residence with you…

    1. I’ll have a look for a “have a heart” trap, I would much rather prefer something like that. I saw the little guy again today, it looks like he is hiding out behind the washing machine. And that’s the fear, that there is more than one and they are expecting a large bundle of joy.

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