A powerful and thought provoking video I stumbled across

I just wanted to share this powerful and thought provoking video that I stumbled across called “What is wrong with our culture“.

I’ve always felt we spend too much working and not really living or experiencing life. Of course after a long day of working people are too tired to really go about living life and prefer the passive option of watching TV.

We are too reliant on technology. Don’t get me wrong I love tech, I love the internet, computers, TV’s, etc, but they are everywhere and they are becoming harder and harder to escape which is a bit worrying.

People are doing more and more communication through it and no longer talk to each other face to face. I don’t have FaceBook, I can’t stand it, but whenever I meet someone new the first thing they ask me is to add them on FaceBook and when I tell them I don’t have it they look at me like I’m some kind of leper. Like how can you not have FaceBook? Oh I bet you have a girlfriend/wife that you are hiding and lying. That is what one girl actually said to me. I was just stood there thinking, if I had a girlfriend/wife I would be spending my time with her. I can’t believe how paranoid some people are.

I saw a headline earlier saying that six month old babies are playing with tablets and smartphones now before they can even walk or talk. That can’t be healthy. If I ever have kids I am not going to allow that too happen. So many people allow TV and computers to distract and raise their kids now, it’s not good. Again though, is it because they are lazy and don’t care or is it because they are so busy working that they are too busy and too tired to do anything else? And don’t even say about hiring help because most people can’t afford to hire someone to help them look after their kids.

We have to spend hours working largely pointless jobs just to scrap enough money together to get the basic necessities we need to live – food, water, and shelter.

And I’ve always found it weird how violence, death, killing, etc etc, is OK on TV but things of a sexual nature and even swearing  to an extent are big taboo’s. They are a big no no. I never got that. None of us would be here without sex and relationships yet they have to be careful how much of that they show on TV but if they want to show someone getting stabbed to death in the opening scene, sure no problem go right ahead. Makes no sense.

I ended up saying a lot more than what I originally planned. Let me know what you think of the video.


12 thoughts on “A powerful and thought provoking video I stumbled across”

  1. Hey there! First time here. Thank Mon for sending me here 🙂
    Quite a provoking post. I must say that I’ve already contemplated this subject but the video only points out my conclusions. And this makes me wonder why our society has gone to such links to cultivate these habits. No, for we are certainly far more obsessed with success than with enjoying life that we forget to mesh to two. And while we appreciate the boundless possibilities that technology has brought us, we are crippled by it simultaneous.
    It’s quite sad but I do believe there is hope. I mean, hope never dies until you decide to give up.
    I think the video makes some strong conjectures. I doesn’t leave me vexed about why but more so about how to fix the problem. Thank you for the post.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it thought provoking.
      Our society is very obsessed with success, but only a certain kind of success. One that makes you rich and/or famous. Personal success, such as learning a skill or a piece of knowledge are sadly ignored and not viewed as success by most.

      1. Quite truthful. Self-fulfillment in terms of being a well-rounded is more important in my opinion. Because money is fickle. It only takes one incident to lose it.

    2. Our Piney is here! *Jumps*

      Yeah. So many people are addicted to getting attention and recognition and wearing masks to appear cool. When I am with two of my younger cousins, one 12 and the other 15, they don’t pay much attention to me. So addicted to selfies and then posting them on Facebook and counting their likes :I I wonder what was the point of wanting to meet up with me if they were going to stay on their phones?

      1. That’s just becoming a bigger and bigger problem in life. People are starting to develop neck and back problems now from being so addicted to their phones.

      2. Yeah! I read this article on how “heavy” the affect of this from continued use of smartphones and then there are guides on *properly* using smartphones- this is where it all went :I

      3. So true. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone somewhere with friends and we all just end up on out phones. Like, talk to me!! I couldn’t care less about your likes.

  2. I hate facebook too. Gave it up when people unrelated to my account started saying horrible things on my page. Ugh. I got a blog instead where I can be creative and meet other wonderful creative people. I spend less time and have ‘met’ lovely people instead!

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