Daily Prompt: What a Twist!

Today’s daily prompt is called What a Twist! and it asks;

Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.

And you know, what I’m going to do this one seriously. Sort of. I’m going to write an actual story.

Earlier in the afternoon Mama bear had made herself, Papa bear, and Baby bear porridge before she realised to herself that she and her family are bears and bears don’t eat porridge, they eat meat.

“What a silly old thing I’m getting to be in my old age” she said to herself as she had a little chuckle before dragging poor Papa bear and Baby bear out of the house and away from the TV where they were watching the football.

Goldilocks had been sat in a bush outside the three bears house and she had seen them leave. She saw this an opportunity to act like the little hoodlum she is and break into their house and steal their food and anything else she could get her grubby little hands on.

She saw the porridge sitting on the kitchen table and thought to herself “what kind of sad bears are these that eat porridge? Who eats porridge anymore? It’s disgusting”. With that she started rummaging through the kitchen cupboards and the fridge until she found a couple of packets of crisps, a bag of peanuts, and some nice cold beer.

With her new found stash in hand she went into the living room, turned the TV, and sat down in Papa bears favourite chair and cracked open a beer. Not being a fan of football Goldilocks decided to use the opportunity to order a couple of films through the on demand service the bears had to their credit card.

Goldilocks sat and watched a film, drinking beer, and munching on snacks. The film wasn’t very good and wholly forgettable, she was glad she hadn’t spent her own money on it otherwise she would have felt cheated and ripped off.

With all the beer gone Goldilocks figured she would take a little nap and sleep it off. It was still early so she would have plenty of time before the three bears got back from their hunting trip.

She walked upstairs looking for one of the bedrooms. She found Baby bears at the end of the corridor and thought “what the hell this will do, it looks cozy enough”. With that she stripped off and climbed into bed falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Later that night the three bears came home from their hunting trip. As soon as they approached their house the first thing they noticed was the broken window. Papa bear told Mama bear and Baby bear to stay back while he went to see investigate. Slowly and quietly Papa bear crept up to the broken window, once he had reached it he peered inside. Inside he saw his living room with beer cans and crisp packets littered about all over the place. He rushed back to Mama bear as quietly as he could and he told her to phone the police because someone had broken into their house.

Within five minutes the bear police had arrived at the house and found Goldilocks asleep upstairs in Baby bears bed. They woke up her, told her to get dressed, and arrested her.

When they got her to the police station and fingerprinted her they discovered she was responsible for multiple breakins and thefts in the forest and the surrounding area.

Her trial is coming up soon and she has been informed by her lawyer things don’t look good for her.

The End.


That is literally the first idea that popped into my head. Hopefully that counts as a twist ending, I figured most people would be expecting her to either get away or get killed by the bears, so hopefully not many of you saw that coming.

As ever I haven’t really edited it or gone back over and read it, I just typed away.


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