Aren’t crisps one of our five-a-day?

An easy question that, I’m hoping at least, all of us know the answer too. Do crisps, or chips if you prefer, count as one of our five-a-day for fruit and veg?

The answer is of course no, no they do not. Crisps are not one of our five-a-day.

Sadly according to a recent survey one in 20 parents believe  that a packet of crisps counts as one of their childrens’ ‘five-a-day’ items.

I am actually speechless. How? Why? Where’s the common sense in the world gone? I don’t get how anyone can think a packet of crisps are healthy. Tasty yes, healthy no.

Well actually I suppose I can in a way. Over the years we have been given so much conflicting advice when it comes to food and what to eat and what not to eat that everyone is just a bit confused. One minute something is healthy, then its unhealthy, then its healthy again, it’s hard to keep up. Or its watch out for calories, no wait watch out for fat, sorry did we say fat we meant sugar.

It can be tough to keep up.

The products and its packaging doesn’t help either. They are very clever in the way they label their products and the ingredients in them, they make it hard and confusing to know what’s in them, making them look and sound healthier for you than what they actually are. Of course their main job is to sell you the product so I suppose you can’t really blame them in that regard. When I wrote about what is in ready meals a couple of weeks ago, they mentioned some of the tricks and ways they get around it (heres a link). The different parts can be made elsewhere, but so long as its put together in the store selling it, it counts as fresh.

The government should bring in new laws that force companies to be completely transparent about what they are putting into food, make them list all the additives and preservatives, as well as how its actually put together and made.

However, no matter how confusing it all is, I still don’t get how one in 20 parents can think a packet of crisps can count as one of a child five-a-day. These are not people who should be trusted with caring for children. It is a sodding packet of crisps. In what way can you mistake it as being even remotely healthy?

Here’s a link to the source of the article I read in the Daily Mail.


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