Fact of the Day: The fear of Snow

Today’s fact of the day is learning the name for the fear of snow. 

The word for fear of snow is Chionophobia.

The Greek word chion means snows.

Like most phobias one of the common causes for it is childhood trauma, in this case involving snow. For example being hit very hard with a snowball or being in an accident caused due to slippery roads.

At first the idea of being afraid of snow seemed a little funny and hard to imagine. Snow is fluffy and fun, how can you be scared of that? How freaky would a snowman be to someone who suffers from this?

But then you think of how slippery it can make roads which does lead to accidents, or being snowed in, or avalanches, or just the freezing cold temperatures which can lead to things like frostbite and suddenly it doesn’t seem so funny or silly anymore.

I certainly would not like to be snowed in somewhere or to experience an avalanche, I don’t want to lose any fingers or toes due to frostbite, and if your friends or family died due to a road accident because of snow, well it’s not going to be a very happy sight for you really is it.

There you go, the name for the fear of snow (Chionophobia) and some of its causes.


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