Dave’s log: Kitchen nightmare day 25

Sorry its been so long since I last one of these but progress has been so slow on the kitchen recently that there hasn’t really been anything to update you on for the past week.

In the last one of these I did I mentioned how the tilers who were meant to come to do the floor didn’t show up which sort of pushed everything back by a day. Well it did worse than that. It basically through everything into chaos. Sheer and utter chaos.

Last Friday it was decided that instead of the builders rushing around over the weekend trying to get the floor done and the other bits of work that needed completing before the electricians came out on Monday, to call the electrician and delay them coming out and for the builders to not worry about rushing to get the stuff.

Instead they would take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off so that they could go and finish the work they are doing on their other job before coming back here on Monday and getting the floor etc done.

When people are rushing about and under a lot of pressure that’s when people tend to cut corners and mistakes start to creep in and, well we don’t want that. We’d rather have the builders fully focused here, not rushing about between jobs.

It meant we had a nice quiet three days. No outsiders in the house. It’s a bit of a weird feeling. The main builders are nice enough guys, really friendly, easy to talk to, but I dunno there’s just something about having outsiders in your home all day that means you can’t relax. You don’t feel quite as comfortable in your own home and instead opt for staying out of the way. Or at least I do. So yeah it was nice just to kinda have the house back for a bit.

The floor tiles got down on Monday and Tuesday with the outer shells I guess you could call them of the cupboards etc down yesterday the electrician came out earlier today.

Doing the floor tiles and shells of the cupboards has created a hell of a lot of noise. Hammers, drills, saws, shouting “thats the wrong way round”. Thump, thump, thump, the whirling sound of a drill, thump, thump, bang. I forgot how much I hate that kind of noise. Had a massive headache the past couple of days not unsurprisingly.

With the electrician out today its meant that we’ve had to spend most of the day without power. Wonderful sweet power. That meant no computer, no TV, and worse still, no internet.

Although to be honest it wasn’t actually that bad. I sat on my bed, joined by cat who has decided one of my pillows is her new bed, and started reading one of the many books that litter my shelves. If you’re wondering what book I went with it’s Gary Neville’s autobiography ‘Red’. So far I’m really enjoying it. You know even though he did play for Manchester United.

The food situation is horrible. I am really fucking fed up of eating crap you cook or heat up in the microwave. I want to actually cook some proper food.

Still the kitchen is looking nice. A lot nicer than it did before. Just got to keep telling myself it’ll be worth it in the end right? Right? Oh god I hope it’ll be worth it.

Oh yeah as you probably guessed, it’s going to run over time a little. I have no idea when it’s going to be finished now and I don’t want to know. Instead one day I’m going to go downstairs and just discover the kitchen is finished and be wonderfully surprised.


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