Dave’s log: Friday’s solar eclipse

As you may or may not be aware there was a solar eclipse on Friday, where the moon travels across the sun plunging us into darkness, as well the spring equinox, which marks the first day of spring, and a supermoon, which is when the moon is closest to the Earth. Three for the price of one and all very cool.

So hands up who went outside Friday morning to go and look at it?

Well I did and I couldn’t see a bloody thing because it was so cloudy. I was stood outside in the cold with a cup of tea for about half an hour looking around in the sky but there was so much cloud cover I couldn’t see anything.

Something like 9:35am was meant to be the point in time when London was at its peak point of the eclipse but honestly it felt no different from 9am or 10am, it didn’t look any lighter or darker, it didn’t feel any colder. If I hadn’t see the pictures of it on the TV I would have thought it was a hoax that is how little change there was from my perspective.

It’s a shame because I was actually really looking forward to it.

Luckily the 24 hour rolling news channels had it covered, they were showing it from different parts of the country and from different parts of Europe, and I have to say some of it did look truly amazing. Of course then it made me more annoyed about how it was so cloudy here in London that I didn’t get to witness any of it.

There was one funny moment on the news. You know how they often go around talking to people to get their thoughts on these things when they happen? Well they spoke to one guy who started trying to turn it into a political rant ahead of the General Election which in less than two months time now. The interviewer quickly cut him off and had a little laugh about it, but imagine turning a solar eclipse into a political issue? Yes the moon is showing its displeasure at Government policy by blocking at the sun temporarily.

Of course you did have the usual religious groups spouting the nonsense about it being armageddon, the beginning of judgement day, signs of the coming apocalypse blah blah blah. This type of eclipse takes place every 11 years in Europe, the last one was in 1999 and the next one is in 2026 – hopefully it won’t be as bloody cloudy then. I always feel a bit embarrassed for those people, making ridiculous claims that we know are just rubbish.

It was sad to see that schools weren’t letting kids go outside to watch it for health and safety reasons. Instead they had to stay sat inside watching it TV and on computers in the classroom. We moan kids don’t go outside enough and then when there is genuinely something amazing outside to go and see they force them to stay inside and watch it on a screen. Make up your minds!

Still none of that is as bad as one school in London that didn’t let kids go outside and watch it because one parent had complained saying it was against their religion and culture. Yes. It is against their religion and culture to watch and observe a natural phenomenon. And one person, just one, spoiled it for everyone.

You sometimes have to wonder how people cope.

If you did see the eclipse let me know what you thought of it and if managed to take any pics of it I’d love to see them.


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