Disney announce Frozen 2

Good news Frozen fans. Frozen 2 has been officially announced by Disney. Yay.

Disney made the announcement on Twitter, tweeting:

It’s not really much of a surprise that Disney have decided to make a sequel to Frozen, especially when you consider the first movie pulled in just under $1.3billion at the box office. That is a jaw dropping amount. Then there is all the merchandise etc. Disney know they are on too a money maker.

Still that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The first film was good, I enjoyed it so I’m not opposed to another film.

It might also mean that people stop singing ‘Let It Go’, it’s a nice song but its everywhere. I didn’t mind the song when I first heard it, but now that I hear it everywhere, well it gets really old really quick lets say. Of course then we are just replacing one irritating song with another.

All the characters and voice actors from the first film look set to return to the sequel which is also good news.


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