Dave’s log: Kitchen nightmare day 18

I can’t believe it has been 18 days since the kitchen renovation started, its one of those weird things where on the one hand it feels longer than that and on the other it feels, well even longer still.

We have entered the stage where things are beginning to go wrong. Yay! Just to be clear, that was a sarcastic yay.

We were meant to be having some workers come out to put the floor tiles down today but they never showed up and when the lead builder tried to phone them, nothing, no answer. It’s just like the plasterer’s all over again.

Seriously people if you say you are going to do something, then bloody do it. By changing your mind and just not showing up, you bugger everything up, it creates extra work for everyone else, and sets everything back.

Because they didn’t come out and do that today, it means our main builder is going to have to do it tomorrow instead when he was hoping to be putting the cupboards this weekend ahead of the electrician coming out on Monday. Now the floor will be done tomorrow, the cupboards on Sunday/Monday and the electrician has been called and put back by a couple of days. It all has a knock on effect.

I hate people who just don’t show up when they say they will. It’s even worse when they don’t tell you. It’s not that bloody hard people! One phone. That’s all it takes. And I don’t mean on the day or the night before when there is no chance to make changes or new plans. OK sometimes it can’t be helped, I know, things happen at the last minute, but you still call. Well unless you are dead. If you are dead you don’t have to show up or call. Not that you could anyway but still, that is the only time you can.

It’s definitely going to take longer than two more weeks now. This makes me sad.


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