Thoughts on the BBC suspending Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and cancelling the remainder of the series

The BBC have suspended Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after a ‘fracas’ with a producer, in which the presenter is said to have aimed a punch, and now the BBC have cancelled the remainder of the series.

On Twitter various related hashtags, such as #TopGear and #BringBackClarkson, have been trending while a petition has also been set up on calling for the BBC to reinstate him. This petition has already been signed by 400,00 people and counting.

Clarkson is a marmite character, on screen at least. Many people love the fact that he is outspoken, not concerned with political correctness, and the hijinks and buffoonery he gets up to on Top Gear. Other people have no sense of humour and don’t like the fact that he says things they don’t like or agree with.

Top Gear is the BBC’s biggest and most popular show. It is watched around the world. Cancelling it would be financial madness. Sacking Clarkson, or even Richard Hammond or James May, would ruin the show. It is their chemistry that make the show what it is, to remove one of them would kill that.

The three remaining shows that have been cancelled have already been paid for, surely it is a waste of money not to air them once they have been made and paid for.

The big problem I have with this is that in the UK we have to pay a license fee, which is a tax by another name, that every property must pay if they have a TV, so basically every household must pay it. This license tax is then used by the BBC to make its programming.

Top Gear is very very popular in the UK with millions of viewers, the BBC are now denying those millions of people something they have already paid for.

People have been arguing for years that the license fee is no longer fit for purpose, especially when people pay for Sky or cable TV. It isn’t fair that they still have to pay the license fee as well as their subscription fee, or that you have to pay the license fee whether you want or use the BBC at all.

Clarkson, along with his co-presenters are immensely popular, so its not hard to imagine that if the BBC do decide to get rid of him, that the three of them join a rival network and set up a new rival show. That would be a big blow to the BBC.


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