Dave’s log: Kitchen nightmare day 2

It’s day 2 of our kitchen renovation and to be honest things aren’t getting much better. Yesterday I wrote about how we had no water in the house overnight because it accidentally all got shut off instead of just downstairs (you can read that here).

Well the good news is that the water to the upstairs of the house was restored as soon as they arrived this morning, which thankfully allowed me to start the day with a nice refreshing shower. The bad news is that rather predictably more things have gone slightly wrong.

First there was the banging. The constant banging. It didn’t matter where I went, I couldn’t escape the banging. It got to a point where I couldn’t remember what it was like to not hear banging, it honestly felt like there had always been a banging sound going on inside my head.

Then just when I was beginning to get used to the banging, it stopped. Joy oh joy. My joy however was short lived, the peace and quiet it was soon replaced by a drilling sound. A drilling sound that sounded exactly like a dentists drill, except louder. A lot louder. And a lot longer. Well at least a lot longer than I’ve ever heard a dentists drill go on for.

After what felt like an eternity of drilling, where I was gripping the arm rest on the sofa quite tightly, gritting my teeth, with my music on quite loudly trying to drown the drilling out it stopped, the drilling stopped.

With the drilling over I was told that the power needed to be switched off for about twenty minutes. No big deal. I can manage without power and the internet for that long. Plus I like to go for a walk everyday, it gives me the chacne pop into the shop to pick up a few bits and pieces to eat so this made a brilliant opportunity to do just that.

The power was still out when I got back so it must have been out for like 40 or so minutes in the end. Again no big deal, but it meant having to go round the entire house resetting all the clocks, which is just a pain.

However turning the power off did have one consequence we didn’t realise at the time, it messed with our central heating system affecting both our heating system and hot water.

Oh and to make matters worse our boiler is in the kitchen. Which currently has no floorboards. I had to hang off the door reaching at full stretch to reach the boiler to turn it off and on again. But like all good boilers our boiler does not work at the first time of trying. No instead you have to keep fiddling with it for about half an hour, turning it off and on, off and on, playing with all the various dials, before it realises that you would in fact like it to start working again. Useless bloody thing.

Two days. It has only been two days and already everything is going wrong. I’m not sure I can survive a month of this. Oh well at least everything is working. For now at least.

Bring on tomorrow!


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