Dave’s log: Kitchen nightmare day 1

Earlier I wrote about how we are having our kitchen completely re-done at the moment and how much I’m not looking forward to it because it’s going to be a royal pain in the arse. Well guess what, it’s only day one and already it’s a royal pain in the arse.

We have no water. Not no hot water, but no water full stop. Hot or cold.

Now we were prepared for having no water downstairs. That makes sense, they took out the sink and the washing machine, so of course the water needed to be turned off.

However we were meant to still have water upstairs so we can shower and go to the toilet. Well not anymore.

I went to go for a nice relaxing hot bath at the end of the day. Don’t judge me, they are amazing. I turned on the taps and nothing. Nothing happened. At first I thought I hadn’t turned the taps on so I tried them again, but still nothing. Then I tried the sink taps, still nothing. Tried flushing the toilet, nothing.

No one give me any of that first world problems crap, that doesn’t help. You are allowed to be upset and frustrated about things in your life even though some people have it worse.

I feel dirty knowing I can’t shower or take a bath. I didn’t before when I thought I could, but now that I know I can’t I suddenly feel it. I feel more stressed knowing I can’t take that great stress reliever of a nice hot relaxing bath.

And I don’t plan to go to the bathroom in the great outdoors of my back garden. I’m not an animal, plus I’d feel like I’m stealing my cats bathroom. That’s where she goes.

Hopefully the builders will be able to fix it first thing in the morning, but it’s still made for an uncomfortable evening.


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