Dave’s log: Having the kitchen done

Today, and for the next month at least, we are having our kitchen completely re-done. The floors, the walls, the sockets and other electrics, the cabinets, the sink, the work tops, basically my point is everything is getting done.

Its one of those weirdly annoying things where like I know it’ll be nice and worth it once its over but its going to be a nightmare for the next month.

It means for the next month we have no oven. Just imagine that, no oven, no hob, and no grill. No where to chop or prepare meals, although I suppose that matters less because even if we could prepare meals we still can’t cook them!

For the next month we are going to have to live off take away food and microwave meals. Oh joy. I hate microwave meals. And I’ve actually been really good so far this year in barely having any take away food. Plus I like cooking. I find it relaxing standing in the kitchen and preparing a meal, chopping everything up, measuring out all the ingredients, stirring everything in, getting messy, and then of course the eating. Food always tastes nicer if you’ve spent time making it. Alas no more for the next month.

We’ve got one of those portable grill things to use but I have no idea how good that will be, but I suppose it will at least make a nice change from using the microwave.

It’s a pain it’s still March, apparently this March is meant to be cold and wet and rainy and snowy because, well it is England after all, so we can’t even sit in the garden and do a couple of barbeques. Hopefully towards the end of the month it’ll be warmer and sunnier so we can.

But there is one thing more annoying than the lack of a kitchen and that was having to empty the kitchen. That was a pain. Every room is now cluttered with kitchen stuff. All the tables have kitchen appliances on so that we can still have some use of them. It took hours to take everything out of the kitchen, sort it out, and find somewhere to put it. The worst part is it’s going to be the exact same thing when it comes time to putting everything away.

Oh well I will just need to do my best to ignore it and get on with things.


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