Dippy the dinosaur to be replaced by a blue whale

Dippy the Diplodocus, the Natural History Museum’s famous life-sized model of a diplodocus is to be retired after 109 years. After many years of faithful service, Dippy is to be replaced by a blue whale.

Everyone who has been to the Natural History Museum in London will have seen Dippy. Dippy has taken pride of place in the great entrance hall of the museum, the Hintze Hall. Dippy, who is made up of 356 plaster cast bones, was first unveiled in 1905 and installed in the Reptile Gallery. During the Blitz, Dippy was dismantled and placed into the museums basement for protection.

The reasons for Dippy’s retirement is because bosses at the museum have decided the dinosaur is no longer relevant enough to take pride of place and that its all part of a ‘decade of transformation’. They plan to replace Dippy with a skeleton of a giant blue whale, a skeleton of a blue whale that has been a resident of the museum since 1891 and previously been the centrepiece of the Mammal Hall.

Well I suppose the skeleton has been waiting for over a hundred years to take pride of place, its only fair it gets a chance.

As you can imagine with stories like this a lot of people aren’t happy and have taken to social media to vent their frustration, save Dippy was even trending at one point on Twitter.

Personally I don’t mind them removing Dippy, who they might place outside the Natural History Museum after going on tour up and down the UK and a resilient replica that can withstand the elements has been made.

But why are they replacing it with the skeleton of a blue whale? Worse still its the skeleton of a blue whale that you can already see at the museum.  I don’t care if it’s going to be in a diving motion.

The plan is have it as a reminder of ‘our responsibility to the planet’ and to make it a symbol of environmental destruction, especially since it was hunted to near extinction for its oil, meat and body parts but has begun to make a comeback.

OK that’s great, it really is, there is meant to be no sarcasm there whatsoever so don’t read it with any, and yeah its the biggest animal to have ever lived on Earth at a whopping 160 tonnes. But you are the Natural History Museum. Why do small children and big kids alike get excited about going to you? Because of the dinosaurs! That’s why. That is why I love going to the Natural History Museum. To see all those dinosaurs, those amazing prehistoric animals, who are like something straight out of our imaginations.

Like I said I don’t mind a new exhibit taking pride of place in the Hintze Hall, but this blue whale skeleton isn’t new to the museum.

They should get something like a T-Rex skeleton, a Tyrannotitan, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, or a Spinosaurus. They are all above 40 feet in length (admittedly half that of Dippy and the blue whale) but they are the largest known carnivorous dinosaurs. That will get both children and adults excited. Have it in a scary pose with its jaws wide open with a spot where people can stand to take a picture so it looks like they are about to be eaten.

Oh well guess we will have to go with the blue whale diving for a bit.


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