Throwback Thursday: Letters to Santa

As it is Thursday, we thought we would share another throwback. And as it is Christmas next week and everyone is rushing out buying last minute presents and food and drink, we thought we would remember one of our pastimes from childhood- letters to Santa.

A lot of children who celebrate Christmas write their letters to Santa, telling him they have been good and what they would like. You then put it into an envelope and head to the postbox and post it, hoping it gets to him. We did exactly the same. Now we can’t remember what we wrote in those letters, but we think it probably went a little something like this:

Dear Santa,

                       My name is Megan/David,

I have been a very good girl/boy this year and have not been naughty. For Christmas this year I would like:

A bike

A pollypocket/A sega mega drive game (remember these?)

A pogmaker (pogs ruled)

I hope you get this letter on time.

Love from Megan/David

P.s I will leave you and Rudolph some milk and biscuits.

Yeah that pretty much seems right. You basically bribe them with milk and biscuits. Trick kids into being good and then teach them to bride. Christmas truly is a wonderful thing.

On a side note, do you think Royal Mail or the postal services get really irritated at having to dispose of these Santa letters, I mean they are busy enough end of November/early December. Maybe some people put their address, but I know many people who didn’t, as we both checked that it didn’t say our City and it said North Pole.

Feel free to share your memories of letters to Santa or any other Christmas memories down below.

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