Food Friday: Chocolate pots

This week, as it is nearly Christmas we decided to make nice chocolate treat. It is very easy to make and it only uses three ingredients. Perfect.

We have been looking at some treats we could make for Christmas this year and went looking online for ideas and inspiration. We came across this chocolate treat and decided we wanted to try it.

Their recipe used plain and milk chocolate, but they said you can use any two kinds of chocolate you want, so we decided to use white and milk, as they are what we prefer.

You have to heat up 100ml of double cream, to just below simmering. You then take it off the heat and add in 80g of one of your types of chocolate finely chopped, or as small as you can get them (we managed to quarter squares and it seemed to work okay), and you stir in all the chocolate until fully melted.

The recipe said to add milk or heat a little bit to help thin it. I would try the heat for a little bit, but make sure it is still thick enough, otherwise it doesn’t set as well. If you do want to use milk, use very little and don’t over stir it, as that is what we did second time round and it didn’t come out as well, in fact it didn’t set at all, and it was more like a thick drink really.

You put them into small glasses, ideally long shot glasses, but if not small glasses work also. The benefit of using the long shot glasses is that they actually fill them, as opposed to looking half empty, although you could add some cream to the top if you like.

You put them in the fridge to set, we waited around an hour and a half. You then do exactly the same as  before, heating 100ml of double cream, but this time adding 80g of your second type of chocolate. You have to let this set for a few hours, until your top layer of chocolate has completely set and hardened.

What you then end up with is a top layer of hard chocolate with a more mousse type of chocolate in the bottom layer, and together it is amazing. We had the white chocolate as the top layer, and the milk chocolate as the bottom layer, and it worked so well. The milk chocolate was so lovely and gooey underneath.

We will see you next Friday, with something else we have made.

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