Daily Prompt: Alphabet Soup

Todays daily prompt is called Alphabet Soup and it asks;

Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

OK this might be a long one

A – Alphabet

B – Blue

C – Chelsea

D – Day

E – End

F – Fun

G – Great

H – Hull

I – Idea

J – Journal

K – Kite

L – Lose

M – Mood

N – New

O – Obelisk

P – Premier

Q – Queen

R – Restore

S – Stamford

T – Trip

U – Under

V – Violet

W – Win

X – XCom

Y – Year

Z – Zoo

So I now have to write something using all those words from my alphabet. OK here we go.

Chelsea are playing Hull today at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League, I hope the Blues win and don’t lose, if they do I will probably be in a bad mood for the whole day which won’t be fun for me.

As I write this I’m listening to ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen, it’s a great song, it’s great fun to sing along to. Not that I do that often.

In the daily prompt on Thursday, where we had to just write for ten minutes, it gave me the idea to start like a weekly journal, that’s how I’ve always treated the ‘Ready, Set, Done’ prompt and I quite enjoy it. I’ll be starting that in the new year, either on a Friday or over the weekend depending on timing and what I’ve been up to. So there’s that to look forward to.

Is it bad that I had to look up words beginning with the letters ‘O’ and ‘R’ because nothing jumped instantly to mind like all the others? That’s how I got restore and obelisk, both just stood out to me when I as looking over a list of words starting with ‘O’ and ‘R’.

So what do people have planned for their weekend? Anyone flying a kite? Or taking a trip? How about going to the zoo? That said I do fancy a trip to the zoo, I haven’t been in a while and London zoo has done up its Tiger enclosure.

I think I will end this in a minute. I’m going to spend the day watching football and playing XCom: Enemy Unknown.

Oh yeah… Violet.

I am going to be so annoyed if no one reads this. I actually put in a fair amount of effort here people.



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