Food Friday: “Healthy” ice cream

This week for Food Friday, I will be showing with you a healthy, or healthy-ish ice cream I made this week. I have been watching Youtube videos and found this healthier version of ice cream and wanted to try it out.

For this healthier ice cream, we used frozen bananas, milk, vanilla essence and chocolate and hazelnut spread. We used our blender, but you can use a food processor and in fact unless you have a strong blender it is apparently better.

Our blender isn’t that strong, and we did plan on getting out our food processor, but we left the bananas out the freezer for about 1 hour, with it being recommended to at least wait 20 minutes, hence they had thawed out more and not as tough to blend. Oh and why an hour? Because I took them out before I caught up on The Apprentice, so waited for it to finish before starting.

We added banana (around 2 banana’s worth sliced), 2 table spoons of milk, we just used the milk we had (semi-skimmed) and 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence. This is the base of the “ice cream”, and you can then add whatever you wish.

We then added 3 tablespoons of chocolate and hazelnut spread. This is the most unhealthy part of the recipe.  We then just put the blender on for a minute. We then put it back into the freezer for around 30 minutes, just to get more of the ice cream consistency, but your blenders/processors may do that, or you might like it more like a mousse. It depends on what you like really.

And here is how it came out.

mousse mousse 2

We will see you next week with something else we have made in the week.

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