Food Friday: Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week for Food Friday, we are showing you the milk chocolate chip cookies we made. And oh my god, they were so good.

Neither of us have made cookies for ages, years in fact. We decided that we had made enough cupcakes recently and wanted to make something different, so cookies it was.

Oh this week we bought a food mixer in one of Amazon’s Black Friday lightning deals and we used it for the first time to make our cookies, and it is amazing, saved us a bit of time, but also it is a bit less messy we found.

Here are the ingredients we used.


The first step was rubbing the butter into the flour until they look like bread crumbs.

cookies breadcrumbs

Once that was done, we added in the sugar and the chocolate chip cookies  and just stirred them in, until they are spread around the mix.  Then we added the beaten egg in gradually, until a mixed firm dough was formed.

cookies dough formed

Then once that was done, we then divide the dough into small pieces and then we put them in the oven to be baked.

cookies pre baked

And this was the final result.

cookies baked

Like we said, they were amazing, especially warm.

Share with us anything you have baked and cooked. And we will see you next Friday.


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