Food Friday

It mentioned in one of the Daily Prompts the other day that we were going to start a new feature called “Food Friday” and so here is our first one. In this feature we will write about food we have baked/cooked ourselves or food we’re loving. If you have any food you are loving or a cook/baker then feel free to share with us.

This week when we went to our local Tesco to pick up a few bits, we spotted some soups on offer that caught our eye and we both decided to pick one up to try. We opted to try the vegetable soup, as we guessed it is more of a “safe” option.

This soup is fresh, which is one reason why we really wanted to try it, as we wanted that more fresh taste.

The brand is called the New Covent Garden Soup Co., and as mentioned before it is their vegetable soup, which also has red split lentils in it.


We shared one carton between the two of us, and we also had a couple of slices of tiger bread. Honestly with a couple of slices of bread and half the carton each, it was filling enough.

We both thought it was delicious, so we actually went and bought another vegetable one, as well as a bacon and lentil one to try.

These are currently on offer in Tesco, so if you live near a Tesco get it from there as they are currently half price.

Let us know things you like or share with us your posts on the things you have cooked or baked. You can also send us challenges for things to cook. See you next Friday.



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