Daily Prompt: Leftovers Sandwich

The daily prompt today is called Leftovers Sandwich and it asks;

Today, publish a post based on unused material from a previous piece –a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine!

Very very interesting prompt.

OK so I just checked and I have 12 things (not including this) as drafts. None of them are leftovers or things that I plan to delete, they are all things I’m slowly working on here and there when the mood strikes.

For instance I have three Christmas related top 10s that I’m working. The idea struck the other night so I made them into posts before I forgot about them, however I have a rule that Christmas and Christmas related stuff doesn’t exist until December.

I also have reviews for three games currently in draft mode. Two of them have been there for a couple of months. OK those need finishing. Maybe I should make that my aim for this weekend? One today, one Saturday, and one Sunday. It’s something to do in between the football.

Hmm I better get to it I suppose, but first lunch! I really do procrastinate at times.



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