Jurassic World trailer reaction

Exciting news for every dinosaur and Jurassic Park fan out there, the trailer for the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series – Jurassic World – went up online yesterday, and now I can’t wait for June.

The trailer runs for 2:40 and it is well worth a watch.

Well as you can see Chris Pratt appears to star in the film, well after the dinosaurs that is. He seems to be everywhere at the moment – this isn’t a bad thing, in fact its a good thing, he seems like a nice guy and hes a good actor.

The trailer opens up with a mother (I’m guessing) sending two kids on a trip to the park. They look a bit scared to be going on such a trip by themselves, so as they are about to leave she gives them some comforting advice – “remember if something chases you, run”. Yeah real comforting that, thanks.

The next scene shows a ship approaching an island with Isla Nublar written on the side. The island where the park in the original film was located. So it could be the same park that they’ve just spent all this time fixing up and improving, probably the easiest thing to do since they already own the island and started building the park there anyway.

We then see those oh so familiar doors open up to let us into the park, instead this time we are on a monorail and the sign reads Jurassic World and not Jurassic World.

The park looks amazing. There’s a main street with what I’m guessing are various shops and restaurants, and the cars guided along a track have been replaced with a very slick looking monorail. They’ve clearly put a lot of work into fixing up the park after the problems they ran into the first time they tried to open. Let’s just hope they don’t run into problems again.

We get a glimpse of some of the activities you can do at Jurassic World. Tours of the plains in a truck and gyrospheres, which look to be bubbles with seats in that allow roll about. If they don’t take your fancy how about kayaking down a river while dinosaurs – two of which are stegosaurus’s – drink from it. Hmm I’m not sure how safe that is, have they passed that by the legal department? Did it pass the health and safety requirements? I’m not sure.

The trailer moves on and shows a Great White Shark being dangled above a giant body of water in front of some stands full of a crowd of people. Everything goes quiet and a giant sea monster – thats what it was – jumps up out of the water and eats it in one bite before falling back into the water and splashing everyone with water.

A couple of things here, loads of people had phones, tablets, and cameras out to take pics because damn right you are going to take pics of that, but wouldn’t the water break them?

Secondly I hope that is an isolated body of water – real or artificial – so that beast has no way of escaping from the island. Imagine that thing loose in the oceans, I’d never get on a ship again, not that I’ve been on any recently, but still. Just imagine if it’s a lake and theres a flood allowing it to escape into a river and swimming off. Yeah it might not ever happen, but we are talking about a park with dinosaurs!

And thirdly if you watch that part closely you’ll notice that the monorail track actually goes over that body of water. That thing looks like it can jump pretty high and they are training it to jump for food, is this smart? I don’t think so, I’m using a different monorail that doesn’t go over the water thanks.

Then the trailer moves away from the happy,nice look at the park and shifts to the science and darker side of things.

We hear a woman saying how the park has allowed them to learn more about genetics in such a small space of time and that it has allowed them to develop the first ever genetically modified hybrid.

Yes you read that right, a genetically modified hybrid. It’s not just genetically modified and its not just a hybrid it’s a genetically modified hybrid. Well done guys, well done. I mean seriously did no one at the company or no one working on the project say “hang on a minute guys, is this a good idea?”

We then see Chris Pratt’s character talking to the woman who said about the genetically modified hybrid and he says to her – “you just went and made a new dinosaur. Probably not a good idea”. See even he agrees with me. This isn’t going to end well.

And then we hear the Jurassic Park theme being played on the piano, I love it, it’s hauntingly beautiful with just a hint of sadness.

Pratt’s character says the park needs to be evacuated, I guess things didn’t work out too well with that genetically modified hybrid, who would have guessed?

There’s people running and screaming, a mangled gyrosphere, a helmet that has been split open, blooding dripping on a guys arm, someone being dragged off into the jungle screaming, someone being chased by a dinosaur with a point of view camera – could be a T-Rex (they have to make an appearance at least once) or the GMH – and finally the velociraptors being released and having a little race with Pratt on a motorbike.

I am really really excited for this film. I love dinosaurs. I love Jurassic Park, both the films and the books, and I’ve been excited about this film ever since I heard the rumours about it. Why can’t it be June now?

I think I’m going to go watch all three films now.

What did you make of the trailer? Are you excited to see it?

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