Theme park bans single adults over fears they might be paedophiles

A theme park in Somerset has banned a 54-year-old man from entering the park by himself to watch a falconry display over a fear of paedophiles.

Yep you read that right. They basically said to the guy you can’t come in by yourself as that’s what paedophiles do, so that means you might be one.

The theme park – Puxton Park – said their policy is to not admit single men and women on child protection grounds. A single man or woman can enter only if they are accompanied by children.

So they are encouraging single people to steal children in order to get into theme parks and other attractions that may implement this stupid rule?

And they are assuming that paedophiles don’t work in pairs or groups. Not that I know how paedophiles operate or anything. But it does seem a bit naive to suggest that only single men or women are a danger to children.

We all want to protect children and makes things as safe and risk free as possible but does this policy really protect children? Isn’t that  meant to be the job of the parents or whoever is supervising them?

The danger with this policy is that it discriminates against single people and it sounds like the typical do-gooder, think of the children, sort of policy that could easily be rolled out nationwide across various areas.

Just think, no single men or women in museums to protect the children. No single men or women in cinema’s to protect the children. No single men or women in a shop to protect the children.

You may laugh at that but you just know that there is some idiot out there thinking about it.

I like going to museums but I have no child to accompany me and sometimes people are busy or not interested in the exhibit so I go by myself. What is so wrong with that?

If people are so worried about the risk of paedophiles – which I think is blown out of proportion in the media sometimes – then the parents should pay better attention to their kids or these places should improve their security.

The other thing that annoys me about this is that it assumes people are guilty until proven innocent. Although that’s modern life sadly.

As a bonus for you all here are some comments from Daily Mail readers on this story. My replies are in bold.


I agree with it actually, grown men on their own in theme parks, why would you want to go?

To go to the falconry show. It says so in the bloody story.


The welfare of children is paramount. Great idea.

Yes but does this really do that? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

GMH 500:

People without kids clearly do not understand that even one kid attacked is extremely bad, and for what? to see a bird show etc?

Not having kids means I don’t understand? I hate this kind of parent looking down on everyone without kids.


Would you rather a couple of single adults got a bit offended by this or a child was abused or murdered?

Wow this is a bit extreme isn’t? What about all the times there have been single adults and no child was abused or murdered? Should we just ignore that?


I agree with the Park bosses. They’d be an outcry if anything did happen and this paper and its readers would be the first to complain

Yes but we don’t know it’s a single adult that caused it. Parents ignore the kid and let them run off, people turn a blind eye to a lost child etc,. Too many things to count.

And I bet many of you didn’t believe me when I said this sort of policy could spread…

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