Dr Who episode receives over 100 complaints for being too disturbing with its idea on cremation

Last weekend’s episode of Dr Who – the first of a two-part climax to the series – titled “Dark Water” has received over 100 complaints for being too disturbing.

Too disturbing? As in a little bit disturbing is OK but once you cross a certain amount of disturbing it’s too much?

The episode – which saw dead bodies being transformed into an army of Cybermen – was watched by an estimated 5.3 million viewers.

The BBC received 118 complaints about the fact the children’s drama dealt with the afterlife while another nine complained to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

They’ve complained saying:

‘Sad. Doctor Who should have had a warning, recently bereaved – terminally ill,’

‘The idea that dead people feel cremation is appalling especially for terminally ill people.’

I’ll admit that the idea about dead people feel cremation, dissection, the cold of a freezer etc., was slightly scary. Absolutely brilliant idea. Not for real life but for a story I mean.

Also thats quite a good use of dead bodies. That’s recycling and is quite green really. Better than them just wasting space by being buried or releasing chemicals through cremation.

OK a couple of things.

First off there is a warning of sorts.  In the very scene where it is revealed that the dead can feel cremation, the character who reveals said information to the Doctor and Clara warns them several times that what they are about to hear is distressing before finally telling them.

Surely that counts as a warning of sorts?

Secondly is it really still a children’s show? Because I don’t think it has been one for quite sometime now. Family drama maybe, but not a children’s show. However I could just be biased as I prefer the darker episodes and stories.

There are plenty of things on TV that deal with death and the after life but not everyone complains about them. Surely they are just as appalling to the terminally ill?

And finally some 127 odd people out of 5.3 million people complain. That’s such a small percentage that I’m not even sure how to work it out. It’s like 0.0 something percent. Surely that is such a small percentage that we should be allowed to ignore it?

The vast majority of people clearly didn’t have a problem and to those 127 people who did, well they can just not watch next week’s episode if they feel that strongly about it. Although I bet they will watch it and complain about it as well.

And let’s not forget, the Doctor didn’t believe it. He said it was rubbish and went to look for the truth behind it which you know turned out to be an evil plot of Cybermen and the Master. Er Mistress. So it’s not exactly true unless we live in the Doctor Who universe which I don’t think we do because I live in London and I haven’t seen any Cybermen outside.

Bring on the finale and Christmas special.


2 thoughts on “Dr Who episode receives over 100 complaints for being too disturbing with its idea on cremation”

  1. Are these people also complaining at every single episode….I mean it’s rare to find an episode where no one dies or nothing is destroyed?!
    Doctor Who is not all glitter and excitement and good fairys, it’s science fiction with horror and fear. It’s what made it stand out all those years ago; it broke boundaries. Why should it change?

    1. People just like having something to complain about I think. It’s the only thing that seems to make sense. That or they don’t like the idea of people enjoying things.

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