Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done

Todays daily prompt is called Ready, Set, Done and it asks;

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Oh bloody hell it’s this one again.

Actually the last time we did this one I quite enjoyed it, it feels like a great actual bloggie type thing where I can talk about what I’ve been up to (sadly not a lot) and what I’ve been thinking about (way too much).

Hmm where to start?

The other week I started a new featured called “Things that vex me” where I basically pick something that annoys me and just moan about it, hopefully with a bit of humour. It makes for a great stress relief. It was about how politicians behave worse than children during Prime Minister’s Questions. See just thinking about it now is annoying me. They run the country and just shout at each other. Feel free to join in, we can all moan together. We probably won’t be able to change anything but we might feel better.

Hmm what else?

I created a new banner for the blog and Twitter page. You should be able to see it at the top of the page. I’m quite impressed with it, I have no idea how to use photo editing software etc but I think it looks quite good.

The new Civilization game – Civilization: Beyond Earth – comes out either tonight at midnight or tomorrow night at midnight. I always get confused when they say things like midnight on the 24th surely that’s tonight right? Because 11:59pm is still the 23rd and then when it strikes midnight it turns into the 24th. I’m still half asleep and working this out is too hard right now. Either way a fun weekend lays ahead for me.

I also plan to make myself an editorial calender. Now I know I said I was going to do that some weeks ago but well I forgot and all time just blurs together for me and I lose track of one day ends and the next begins so I figured an editorial calender might help to give me some structure. I’ve always worked better when I have targets and deadlines to aim for, I need that pressure and fear. It’s when I come up with my best ideas.

Hmm I think it’s been about ten minutes. I should probably set a timer or something when I do this, I always forget to look at the clock. Oh well.



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