Things that vex me… Prime Minister’s Questions

Earlier this afternoon I was watching Prime Ministers Questions, as I do most Wednesdays, and once again it really really really annoyed me. Which it shouldn’t.

You may be wondering then why do I watch it? If it annoys you every week just stop watching. Normally this is sound advice but this is politics and I firmly believe that it is important to take an interest in political affairs. More so, I think it is a great idea that the Prime Minister should be questioned by MPs, you know those people who are our elected representatives.

So whats the problem then? Why does it annoy me so much?

Well its the way they all behave. Seriously if you’ve never seen it give it a watch. You won’t quite believe how bad they are until you see it for yourself.

They all act and behave like rowdy little children. No wait, sorry thats not fair on little kids who know not to behave like that.

They all jeer at their opposition when they speak or ask a question and they all cheer and support their own people whenever they say something. There’s so much cheering and jeering going on that you can’t hear people speak or the people speaking actually have to stop and wait for it all to die down which considering the Prime Minister is only there for half an hour once a week is a gigantic waste of time!

Then there are the snide little comments they make at each other which gets boo’s from one side and wild applause and cheers from the other. Any little slip up, be it personal or professional, they will look to bring up in any kind of mocking fashion that they can just to get one over their opponent.

Maybe I wouldn’t mind it so much if the remarks were actually funny but most of the time they just aren’t. They come across as just spiteful and pathetic and make everyone look bad.

The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, whose supposed job it is to control this circus just sits on the sidelines banging away with his little hammer shouting “order, order” like the naughty child in the corner desperately trying to get some attention.

These are adults, grown up men and women who are in charge of running the country acting worse than bloody four-year-olds. And I say that but I can never remember a group of four-year-olds gathered together cheering and booing things various people say while trying to cram in as many snide comments as they can!

I want to stress this point again. THESE PEOPLE ARE RUNNING THE COUNTRY!

They are the government. They decide policy. Hell they decide if and who we go to war with.

It truly scares me that these people are in charge of running the country. I wouldn’t put them in charge of organising a piss up in a brewery .

What are your opinions on PMQ’s? Does it annoy you as well? Feel free to leave a comment or write your own rant on it and leave a pingback.

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